Our CSR Policy

The underlying principle of Piaggio India’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives is sustainability and development for all.

Apart from our unwavering commitment to economic, product and environmental sustainability, under our commitment to social sustainability in India, we aim to address key social issues and causes of local as well as national importance.

We undertake need-based projects that improve the capacities and capabilities of the communities primarily located in and around the company’s plants and offices across the country. However, Piaggio India remains open to undertake CSR programmes anywhere in the country.


Weather has turned capricious across the globe and monsoon is unpredictable. Water resource management is one of the critical challenges across the world...


Our CSR programmes aim to create an enabling environment so that more underprivileged children stay in school and complete their schooling. We also strive to improve...


Anmol Drishti: Better eyesight, greater road safety :: As much as 60% of road accidents around the world are attributed to impaired vision (Vision Impact Institute, 2017).


Making invisible children visible and empowered :: According to a survey by Save the Children India, there are around 2 million children in street situation (CiSS) in ...